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Cobden Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the fascinating world of business and community in and around the charming town of Cobden, located in beautiful Victoria, Australia. Here you will find some of the best enterprises and organizations that are making a significant contribution to the economy and well-being of the region.

Businesses in Cobden and Surrounds

Cobden is home to several businesses in various industries. One notable company is the Sunbeam Cooperative, an agricultural enterprise that produces premium beef, sheep, and grain crops. The cooperative has a long history and prides itself on employing sustainable farming practices and producing high-quality products for consumers.

Another well-known business in the area is the Cobden Health Group, a comprehensive health center that offers a range of healthcare services to the local community. The center provides medical, nursing, and allied health services, including physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, and diabetes education.

Community and Charity

Community is also a significant part of the makeup of Cobden. The community is actively involved in various initiatives, including charity work, which improves the living standards of the vulnerable residents. One prominent charity organization is the Cobden & District Health Services Foundation, which raises funds to support the hospital and healthcare facilities in the area.

Another group making a significant difference in the town is Cobden Lions Club. The organization provides community services and supports various initiatives in the area, including holding an annual Easter fete, which attracts visitors from surrounding towns.

Special Attractions in the area

Cobden is blessed with several natural attractions and events that lure tourists from all over the state. One of the noteworthy destinations is Cobden Lake, which not only supplies the town with clean drinking water, but also offers a peaceful and serene environment for residents and visitors. The lake provides excellent fishing opportunities and is an exceptional place to hike or have a picnic.

Every November, Cobden hosts an annual Agricultural Show, which brings together locals and visitors. The event has become a significant celebration of the town's history, culture, and agricultural heritage.


Cobden is a charming town with an abundance of businesses and organizations that add value to the community and provide employment opportunities. The community is alive with various initiatives, including charity work, which uplifts everyone in the town. Additionally, the area has several natural attractions that make it an ideal destination for tourists. Therefore, it's no wonder that the residents of Cobden love their town and everything that it has to offer.

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