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Distinguished and Famous people from Cobden

Cobden is a town located in Victoria, Australia. Throughout history, Cobden has been home to many distinguished and famous individuals who have left a lasting impact on various fields. Below are some notable figures associated with Cobden, Victoria:

Sir James Mitchell

Sir James Mitchell (1866-1951) was an Australian politician and the eleventh Premier of Western Australia from 1919 to 1924. He was born in Cobden and later went on to have a successful political career, serving as the Governor of Western Australia from 1948 to 1951.

Dr. Alan Mackay-Sim

Dr. Alan Mackay-Sim is an Australian biomedical scientist and 2017 Australian of the Year. He was born in Cobden and has made significant contributions to the field of stem cell research, particularly in relation to spinal cord injury. His groundbreaking work has provided hope for many patients with neurological disorders.

James Scullin

James Scullin (1876-1953) was an Australian politician who served as the ninth Prime Minister of Australia from 1929 to 1932. He was born in Trawalla, near Cobden, and grew up in the surrounding area. Scullin played a critical role in shaping Australia's economic policies during the tumultuous period of the Great Depression.

Michael Barlow

Michael Barlow is a former professional Australian rules football player who played in the Australian Football League (AFL) for both the Fremantle Dockers and Gold Coast Suns. He was born in Cobden and had a successful career as a midfielder known for his outstanding work ethic and determination.

Norman Hanson

Norman Hanson (1882-1967) was an Australian soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest military decoration awarded for valor in the face of the enemy. He was born in Cobden and displayed exceptional courage during World War I, earning the prestigious Victoria Cross for his actions during the Battle of Zonnebeke in 1917.

Margaret Leighton

Margaret Leighton (1922-1976) was a British actress who was born in Cobden while her parents were visiting Australia. She had a successful career in both stage and film, earning numerous accolades including a Tony Award and an Academy Award nomination. Leighton is often remembered for her remarkable talent and versatility as an actress.

Murray Bartlett

Murray Bartlett is an Australian actor known for his roles in various television series and films. Though not born in Cobden, he spent a significant part of his childhood there and has mentioned it as his hometown in several interviews. Bartlett gained international recognition for his performances in shows like "Looking" and "Tales of the City".

Peter Lalor

Peter Lalor (1827-1889) was an Irish-Australian politician and leader of the Eureka Rebellion in 1854. Although not born in Cobden, he resided there for a period of time and became involved in the political landscape. Lalor is remembered as a prominent figure in Australian history and a symbol of social justice and democracy.

Emily Hobhouse

Emily Hobhouse (1860-1926) was a British welfare campaigner who played a significant role in exposing the harsh conditions in British concentration camps during the Second Boer War. Although not born in Cobden, she spent the final years of her life there, participating in local social and community activities.

John Laidlaw

John Laidlaw (1892-1963) was an Australian rules footballer who played for the Collingwood Football Club in the Victorian Football League (VFL). He was born in Cobden and achieved considerable success during his football career, earning a reputation as a talented and skillful player.

Who's Who in Cobden

Cobden, Victoria, Australia, has been the birthplace and residence of numerous distinguished and famous individuals who have left their mark on various fields. From political leaders to scientists, athletes to actors, these exceptional individuals have contributed to the local community and beyond, inspiring many with their achievements.

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